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Stretch Mark Removal

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks for more beautiful and soft skin.
Show of your bikini body with our non invasive and painless treatment.

Stretch marks appear when your body grows faster during a weight gain, pregnancy etc causing the elastic fibers just under the surface of the skin to break, resulting in stretch marks.

How we work

At Bella Diosa Laser Medspa we offer an advanced laser stretch mark removal treatment that can help you get the clearer, smoother skin you dream of. With little to no downtime, a few easy laser stretch mark removal treatments may be all you need to reveal the soft skin your are looking for.
Get rid of those stretch marks and reclaim your smooth skin.Call us today!

Benefits of Stretch Mark Removal

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Let our before and after pictures speak for our work .

Before and After

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How many treatments do I need?

Is the treatment painful?

Will I also need medication if there is an infection?

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