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Poke some Youth into your skin with Micro-Needling

micro-needlingBeauty these days has taken a whole different approach.While some focus on pampering, some literally go by the adage, No Pain No Gain!

With some procedures requiring minimum downtime to some that require zero, women today have become more adventurous to try out these new treatments that promise them eternal youth.

One such treatment is Mirco-Needling.

As the name suggests, the procedure involves puncturing the skin surface with needles to injure the skin minimally or rather make the skin believe its injured.This induces the production of collagen. The result, a smooth and ageless skin!

Micro needling took its roots in ancient China, where the Chinese used needles to activate energy points/channels, promoting the flow of energy along the meridians. A technique today known as acupuncture. Over the years dermatologist used this concept and further refined it to treat scar patients to loosen the damaged skin and improve its appearance. Additional research in the technique led to the dermal roller used in the treatment known as Collagen Induced Therapy by a German dermatologist Dr.Schwarz. Studies and research have shown the treatment improves the epidermal thickness over time.

The device, the micro needle pen consists of multiple needles which are rolled onto the skins surface. The skin is pierced with minimal discomfort to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure prepares the skin further to receive products that can penetrate the skin much better resulting in a healthy glowing skin.

The treatment is often times offered in combination with other treatments or can be done by itself.

Since the treatment uses tools that do seem to cause some skin discomfort, make sure that the tools used are sterile and that the treatment is performs by a trained and experienced professional to prevent infection.

Micro needling produces dramatic results when used to treat acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, surgical scars, minimizing skin pores, pigmentation and rejuvenation.

If you like to learn more about this procedure, we can help customize a treatment just right for your skin type. Call our office to schedule a free consultation today.