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New Year !! New You!!

New You

Now that the New Year is almost a month old..all the festivities a memory and cold harsh weather being our constant companion ,our skin has taken a brunt .

Dry,dull and flaky.Well we can surely turn those adjectives around .

A simple skincare routine coupled with some awesome treatments can give our skin the boost it craves .

Scrub and Exfoliate :

A great body scrub helps take away the dead and dull layer of cells to make room for new cells.This also helps in circulation giving you that Goddess radiance and a soft supple skin .

You can use your favorite scrub in the shower everyday .In addition to your in home treatments , a skin rejuvenation package from Bella Diosa Medspa will do wonders to your overall appearance .


Hydrating Facial :

Winter makes our skin go dry and flaky .A good facial that promises you not only exfoliation but also infuses the skin with deep nourishing hydration is your best bet for a great winter skin care .

Our Hydra facial will help restore your skins radiance .

So treat yourself to a relaxing treatment that also promises you a soft,supple and radiant skin .

lets make this our new Year mantra..Here ’s to a new and radiant YOU !