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Get Your Skin Winter Ready

get your skin winter ready

Winter brings with it a dull itchy dry skin.But you have nothing to worry.Help is on your way.

Our skin needs special care during the dry and cold winter months.This months article offers some healthy tips to help keep your skin hydrated and youthful.

Drink plenty of water:

The dry heat indoors and the cold  air outside suck the hydration out of our skin in the winter .Drinking plenty water helps replenish the skin .It improves the elasticity ,flushes out harmful toxins out of our system .It is the most important ingredient to a healthy glowing skin.

As much as we are tempted to draw ourselves a nice hot bath in the cold months,it will only result in an even more dry skin.Hot water strips the skin of its natural oil barrier .Opt for a warm bath instead .An oil massage before a shower will help ease the dryness.


Dry skin is nothing but a build up of dead skin cells .An exfoliation once a week will help remove the dead cells ,making way for the new cells underneath.The result is a happy glowing skin.

Winter is essentially the best time to get your laser treatments done .With less exposure to the sun and the double benefit of the exfoliation and cellular healing , you can flaunt healthy skin with a summer glow in winter.

Our exfoliation packages (Microdermabrasion,chemical peels etc) work at a cellular level to heal your skin from the inside out.

At Bella Diosa we offer custom winter packages to treat individual skin needs.Call our office to schedule your appointment today.

Lets get your skin winter ready!