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Poke some Youth into your skin with Micro-Needling

micro-needlingBeauty these days has taken a whole different approach.While some focus on pampering, some literally go by the adage, No Pain No Gain!

With some procedures requiring minimum downtime to some that require zero, women today have become more adventurous to try out these new treatments that promise them eternal youth.

One such treatment is Mirco-Needling.

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Beauty Treatments fit for a Queen!!


Women for ages have been obsessed with finding the perfect recipe for an ageless skin.

Cleopatra is the epitome of beauty. Rumor had it that she would bath herself in sour sheeps milk to get a smooth complexion ( a modern day version of this ritual is the chemical peel ).

Her legendary milk baths ,salt scrubs and face masks are only some of the techniques many modern day women try to imbibe into their beauty regimen.

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New Year !! New You!!

New You

Now that the New Year is almost a month old..all the festivities a memory and cold harsh weather being our constant companion ,our skin has taken a brunt .

Dry,dull and flaky.Well we can surely turn those adjectives around .

A simple skincare routine coupled with some awesome treatments can give our skin the boost it craves .

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Get Your Skin Winter Ready

get your skin winter ready

Winter brings with it a dull itchy dry skin.But you have nothing to worry.Help is on your way.

Our skin needs special care during the dry and cold winter months.This months article offers some healthy tips to help keep your skin hydrated and youthful.

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